American Love Songs – by Ashlyn Kane

This book came at a time when I really needed something completely different. And for that I think I loved it more! It’s a very well written Rock Star m/m romance.

The writing style is fab it’s extremely funny, sharp, fast and very sexy! I love the blogs and the text messages and all the characters you can’t help but fall in love with! The romance between Jake and Parker doesn’t develop instantly which is a refreshing change and the way their story is so well written makes it very realistic! Also, this is such a tangible romance you get swept away, it is not an erotic story like some m/m books, instead the few love scenes in it do have that raw passion but because of the character’s and their journey (without giving anything away) they seem about so much more.

Jake Brenner is completely comfortable in his own skin…he is the bassist in an up and coming rock band with his best mates from school. The adorable Parker McAvoy joins the band when “The Wayward Sons” guitarists leaves (by the way the story on how he joins had me in stitches of laughter!!).

Jake slowly falls in love with Parker but is the last to realize this. It’s very much a case of opposites attract. Jake is full on but in a very funny and endearing way, Parker is a quiet adorable guy with this vulnerable innocence. So many times I wanted to pick Parker out my kindle and put him in my pocket, (oh and I kind of wish I had a big brother like Jake LOL)!!! Parker’s story is very heart breaking but I won’t say any more about that because it’s such a huge part of his and Jake’s story!

“It’s hard to breathe when you’re watching every move, and it’s hard to see when you take up the whole room.” – sigh!!!

So yeah I loved this book, it had me in fits of laughter, it melted my heart at times and I had a hard time putting it down!

Oh and I have so got to use this in a sentence “egomaniacal self-absorbed piranhas” LOL!!!

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